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About Dr. Julie...

Dr. Julie Shuman (Dr.Julie) obtained her doctorate in clinical psychology from the prestigious California School of Professional Psychology. While this was a generalist program teaching in-depth individual therapy, Dr. Julie also obtained two years of specialty training in couple and family therapy. Dr. Julie continued her training at the Saturday Center for Psychotherapy in Los Angeles, California known for intensive study in individual therapy for anxiety, depressive and relational difficulties. Dr. Julie completed her residency at Renfrew Treatment Center in Coconut Creek, Florida where she received specialized experience in eating disorders and substance abuse.

Prior to becoming a psychologist, Dr. Julie worked in finance and then operated in technology implementations as a Big 4 consultant. In addition to her clinical therapy practice, Dr. Julie works with large organizations as a team and executive coach.

With over 18 years of experience, Dr. Julie currently practices as a licensed psychologist in Redwood City, CA. She specializes in eating disorders, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and relationship issues. She works both one on one with patients, within the couple/family dynamic as well as adjuncts her therapy with coaching, when needed.